Encyclopædia Britannica’s “Spectrum” list the following “elements of technology”:
·         Technology of energy conservation and utilization
·         Technology of tools and machines
·         Technology of measurement, observation and control
·         Extraction and conversion of  industrial raw materials..
·         Technology of industrial production processes and 
“major fields of technology”: 
·         Agriculture and food production
·         Technology of the major industries
·         Construction Technology
·         Transportation technology
·         Technology of information processing and communication systems
·         Military technology
·         Technology of the urban community
·         Technology of earth and space exploration
“At present time the SIC code is used for the classification of industry.  That code does not provide sufficient distinction for many non-traditional, and hi-tech industries.  The DTIC schedule is used for the classification of technology areas of interest to the U.S. DoD.  The Library of Congress book classification schedule is used exclusively for books, and also does not explicitly cover recent advances and novel technologies.  
TechExpo has a need to classify industry, engineering and life/medical sciences using a single schedule.  There are of course many ways to slice the pie, and it would be impossible to satisfy everyone's desires.  However, a logical classification schedule can be formed.  The idea is not to form too many categories and sub-categories as to differentiate subspecialties, yet to have enough categories to distinguish, where necessary, among diverse fields.  The schedule is not unique, and a company may be assigned more than a single classification code. “



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*Science and Technology: Internationalization

*Science, Technology, and the Military

*Technology and Organization

*Technology and Social Control

*Technology Assessment

*Technology Districts

*Technology Transfer

*Technology, Anthropology of

*Technology, Social Construction of

*Universities and Science and Technology: Europe

*Universities and Science and Technology: United States


U.S. Census Bureau: The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)


NAICS Codes used for Classification of Technology Sector

TechExpo New Classification Schedule for Industry, Science, 
Engineering, and Technology.