KeyWord Plus(R)

KeyWord Plus is a kind of automatic indexing used in the citation databases produced by ISI.


Example:  The article: Tsai, C. F.; McGarry, K. & Tait, J. (2006). Qualitative evaluation of automatic assignment of keywords to images. Information Processing & Management, 42(1), 136-154.  Has been indexed by SciSearch with the following -"KeyWord Plus(R)" (also designated "identifiers"):





"Irving Sher reinvestigated the feasibility of enhancing title word indexing by using title information in cited references. As a result of these experiments, combined with his experience in using similar procedures for algorithmically naming research fronts identified by cocitation clustering (Small & Garfield, 1986), he was able to develop the system named Keywords PlusTM, which has been described recently (Garfield, 1990a, 1990b)." (Garfield & Sher, 1993).





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See also: Citation Indexing; Research front



Birger Hjørland

Last edited: 05-07-2006