UASK (Udenlandsk Afdeling Systematisk Katalog; Royal Library in Copenhagen Foreign department, Newer collection, Systematic catalogue 1950- ).


The first edition of this system (SK1) was developed to classify the books in the collection from 1950- . It was revised as SK2 and adopted by the library from January 1, 1995. The adoption aimed at a simplification and modernization and at the same time to serve as the system for organizing the open shelves introduced at that time.


Prior to 1995 used The Royal Library's department on Amager the Dewey Decimal Classification for shelf arrangement. (As the only library in Denmark). After 1995 are new books shelved according to SK2.





Ilsøe, H.; Vagn Lauridsen, H. & Weitemeier, M. (Eds). (1983).Systematisk katalog: artikler om katalogen og dens historie. Copenhagen; The Royal Library, Foreign department, Newer collection (1950- ).




Birger Hjørland

Last edited: 18-07-2006