Multidimensional classification (Multifaceted classification)

Multidimensionality has been used in a number of different ways in the literature. Nistrup Madsen, Erdman Thomsen & Vikner (2005) provide an overview of definitions in the literature of terminology. 


In library classification systems designed for shelving purposes have to be linear or one-dimensional. As long as systems such as the Dewey Decimal Classification are designed to serve both information retrieval in catalogs as well as shelving purposes, they have to be one dimensional. This puts major constrains on such systems, which probably means that multidimensional systems are much more efficient for retrieval purposes. See the quote from Ziman (1985) in the entry atlas of science about the importance of multidimensional classifications. Examples of two-dimensional systems are many published bibliometric maps (cf., Bibliometric Knowledge Organization).  "Traditional approaches" to knowledge organization have mainly been linear. However, if a library have separate catalogs for different facets of subjects (such as time and place) a kind of multidimensional structure is introduced. This is the case with UASK in the Royal Library, Denmark.







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